St. John's Tennis Association
Mike Meaney

Technical Director Mike Meaney is a Tennis Canada Coach 3 Tennis Pro.

Over his 30 years in sport, Mike has been involved in tennis in a number of capacities. As a player, he competed at both the Atlantic and National levels and was a member of the Team NL Canada Games team in 1989, so he knows what it takes to be a high level, competitive player.

Over the course of his coaching career, Mike has coached four top-5 ranked national players, including the 1996 Junior U16 champion.

Currently working as Green Belt Tennis Club’s Head Pro, Mike has previously worked with Tennis Saskatchewan, Regina's Lakeshore Tennis Club and has also served as Head Coach for three Canada Games tennis teams.

Jack Hurley

Jack is a retired teacher who taught at St. Bon's and Gonzaga High School and holds a Bachelor of Education and Master of Education (Guidance).

Jack has an extensive coaching background, having coached basketball, hockey and baseball and now, his attention is focused on tennis. He has served as head coach at Green Belt, Mount Pearl, Riverdale and the Gander Tennis Club, as well as executive director and technical director for Tennis Newfoundland and Labrador (TNL). Jack coached the Canada Games tennis teams in 1997, when the provincial team finished 5th, and 2005, when they finished 7th.

Jack was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the BUILDER category for tennis in 2013. 

Kai Stephenson