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This is the first step toward learning the fundamentals of the sport through a lesson and league structured environment. The lesson will be comprised of one hour of progressive tennis fundamentals and 30 minutes of learning to play and score in game play. The goal by week 8 is to have participants split the lessons into 45 minutes of drills and 45 minutes of game play.

Most adults learn tennis because they want to have a sport to keep fit and active, so the sooner participants have success in a structured league and lesson format, the more likely the player is to become an active player by moving into the more advanced singles and doubles leagues.  

CodeProgramageDescriptionNoteDayTimeStart DateEnd DateWeeksAvail SpotsMember PriceNon-Member PriceStatus
10072Adult Beginner Lesson & Play Mondays to Mon7:00pm - 8:30pmApr. 1Jun. 17116 $250.00Register Now
10073Adult Beginner Lesson and Play Wednesdays to Wed7:00pm - 8:30pmApr. 3Jun. 19125 $270.00Register Now


In this program, players will have already developed rally skills and understand the basics of singles and doubles. This training will enhance your tennis IQ by learning how to anticipate play based on variables such as, strength of shot, your position on the court, your opponent’s position on the court, and the type of ball received.

Further development of your decision-making skills will help you to understand how to play better percentage tennis. This is a must-do program for those wanting to move their games up the depth chart.

CodeProgramageDescriptionNoteDayTimeStart DateEnd DateWeeksAvail SpotsMember PriceNon-Member PriceStatus
10075Adult Intermediate Training Tuesdays to Tue7:00pm - 8:30pmApr. 2Jun. 18122 $270.00Register Now