COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Protocols
Revised October 22, 2021

SJTA Vaccine Passport Policies and Procedures

As of Friday, October 22, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador requires that recreational facilities, such as Green Belt Tennis Club, allow admittance only to individuals who can prove they are fully vaccinated.

SJTA has modified its operating policies and procedures in the following ways to ensure adherence to this government requirement:

  • Our court booking software has been modified to include the vaccination status within each user account profile. As of October 29, only individuals with a “fully vaccinated” entry in this field will be able to book courts online, in person, or by telephone.
  • To have your vaccination status included in your user account profile, you must present, in person, an acceptable form of proof that you are fully vaccinated (learn about acceptable forms here) and agree to allow us to record, in your profile, that you have met the double vaccination requirement.
  • Beginning Friday, October 22, the clubhouse layout will be reconfigured to ensure that the vaccination status of each person who enters the facility is checked at the door. Even if you have your double vaccination status on file, you will be required to show your vaccine passport (or other acceptable form of proof) each time you enter the facility. If you cannot provide this proof, you will be denied entrance.
  • If your name is not known by the staff person checking your status at the door, you will also be required to show an acceptable form of identification which confirms your name. If you cannot provide this identification, you will be denied entrance.
  • All court fees must be paid as players are entering the club, at the entry checkpoint.
  • Children, 18 years of age or younger, are not required to provide vaccine passports.However, if it is unclear if a person meets this criteria (eg. a tall, mature-looking 17-year-old), they will be required to present identification which proves they are 18 or younger before they will be admitted to the club.

For at least the next several weeks, EXPECT DELAYS entering the club.  You can help minimize the disruption by:

  • paying for your court online and ensuring all player names are accurately entered on your court booking before you arrive at the club
  • arriving at least 15 minutes before your court booking or program start time
  • having your vaccination verification and identification in hand when you enter the club
  • thoroughly reading all signage in the club so you know and understand the new procedures we have had to implement.

Although we will try our very best to minimize it, be prepared to line up outdoors if there are more than a half dozen people in the check-in lineup ahead of you.

We appreciate your continued patience as we work through these new government requirements. We will not tolerate any rudeness or abuse directed towards front desk staff as they fulfill their required duties.
If you would like to read about government’s Vaccine Passport requirements of businesses, please click here.