COVID-19 Response

Mandatory Mask Policy

As of August 24, the Department of Health and Provincial Government announced that wearing non-medical masks will be mandatory in all indoor public spaces.  Click here to review the Government policy:

To clarify how this policy will work at Greenbelt Tennis Club:

  • Masks are required when entering any space in the building, including washrooms. If you do not have a mask you will not be permitted to enter the building.
  • Only when you are on the court and ready to play are you allowed to remove your mask.
  • Those who wish to view tennis from inside the clubhouse must wear a mask and maintain physical distancing of 2 meters with others at all times.

We will be taking these Public Health recommendations seriously.  If you enter Greenbelt Tennis Club with out a mask you will be promptly asked to leave. We will not have the ability to provide guests with masks if they forget to bring them. Please be respectful of our staff at this time, as it creates an awkward situation when they are faced with having to ask members and guests to comply with the new rules.