COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 Protocols
Revised November 22, 2020

Effective Monday, November 23, Green Belt Tennis Club enhanced its COVID-19 protocols within the clubhouse. Players are no longer permitted to gather in the clubhouse. After payment of court fees (if required), players should proceed directly to the courts. A maximum of SIX (6) people at a time are permitted in the airlock while respecting physical distancing. Masks are required until players reach their designated court and engage in play.

THE VIEWING AREA HAS BEEN CORDONED OFF. Parents and spectators are no longer permitted to wait in the clubhouse or watch play on the courts.

For Junior programs, parents should drop their children off at the gate or in the parking lot five minutes before the scheduled program time. Red cones on the steps will indicate that players should not attempt to enter the club until staff remove the cones. Exceptions can be considered when younger children require assistance or guidance getting to the courts or parents are participants in the program. Any other exceptions will be at the discretion of either the General Manager or the Head Coach.

Lessons will stop five (5) minutes earlier than their scheduled time. Players will be marshalled at the far side of Court 1 to allow players from the next session to enter the courts through the airlock and proceed to Court 2. The earlier group of players will then be guided into the clubhouse for immediate departure.

The safety of our members and the community-at-large is our highest priority. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.