Club Policies

St. John's Tennis Association Player Code of Conduct

Playing tennis is a safe, healthy and fun activity that is enjoyable for people of all ages and different backgrounds. We have a wonderfully diverse group of players and, as players, we need to be mindful of the things that make us different and how we can all respect each other to make each time we’re on court enjoyable.

As a player at the St. John's Tennis Association, I agree to:

  • Refrain from the use of obscene, vulgar, sexist, or threatening language or gestures in any manner to anyone at any time
  • Refrain from taunting of players, coaches, officials, of spectators by means of baiting, ridiculing, or use of abusive or demeaning language or gestures
  • Mind the rules of the court and be respectful of all equipment, be that my own or the club’s, and show good sportsmanship toward all other players
  • Be aware that my actions can affect others, so I will always be inclusive and respectful