Junior Programs

We are committed to providing your child with the best junior program in Atlantic Canada. Our coaches have the qualifications and knowledge to work with players ages 4 and up. Our twostreamed approach allows your child to participate in the developmental or High-performance program. Our programs follow the curriculum of Tennis Canada and its Long-Term Athlete
Development (LTAD) model. The developmental stream has been crafted to adjust the age and skill-appropriate equipment and curriculum to ensure your child’s optimal success. Our early red ball programs are designed for those 4 and up using the Tennis Canada Kids tennis curriculum. As the children progress, they have the opportunities to enter the high-performance stream.

In addition, we offer a parent/tot program based on the curriculum of les petit tennis, endorsed by Tennis Canada.


High Performance Programs

The SJTA high performance program offers an “athlete centred” approach, where we provide the environment to help each athlete reach their level of competence. Our goal is to give each athlete the feeling of success through a stimulating program; focused on discipline, determination, and dedication to plying the craft. Players in this program will be striving from an early age to become strong provincial, national and even international level players, with an emphasis on encouraging the pursuit of an academic / athletic NCAA scholarship upon completion of their senior year in High School.

Junior Developmental Program Guide 2019 - 2020 (updated August 16, 2019)

High Performance Program Guide 2019 - 2020 (updated August 16, 2019)

JUNIOR SUMMER PROGRAM GUIDE 2019 (Updated April 16, 2019)