SJTA Memberships

All memberships include on-line booking and free entry to club social events. All memberships except student memberships include 2 guest passes and a seasonal or full year parking pass. Prices are exclusive of HST.

Full Membership


  • Best deal for those who average 7 prime-time hours/month or more.
  • ~$137/month
  • All-inclusive court fees
  • 7 day advance booking privileges


  • 1 Year: $1,645.   3 Month: $650.
  • 1 Year intro*: $995
  • payment plan available

Weekday Membership


  • Best deal for those who average 7 weekday hours/month or more.
  • ~$92/month
  • All-inclusive court fees Mon – Fri 9:00 – 4:00.
  • 7 day advance booking privileges
  • 1 year: $1,100
  • 3months: $400
  • 1 year intro*: $665
  • payment plan available

Standard Membership


  • Best deal for those who average 5-7 hours/month.
  • Pay as you play
  • 4 day advance booking privileges
  • 50% off Riverdale court fees
  • 1 year: $415. 3 month: $175.
  • Intro 20* (20 free hours) $415
  • Intro 40* (40 free hours) $615
  • Hourly Prime  Non-Prime
  • Singles        $16         $11
  • Doubles       $12         $8

Out-of-Town Membership


  • Best deal for those who live away.
  • All-inclusive court fees
  • 5 day advance booking privileges
  • 1 Year: $720.

Junior Membership


  • Under age 24 as of Dec 31
  • ~$47/month
  • 2 day advance booking privileges


  • 1 year: $520
  • payment plan available

Family Membership


  • Best deal for families with 3 or more regular players.
  • ~$297/month
  • 2 Full memberships
  • combined with 2 Junior, 2 Standard, or 1 Junior and 1 Standard membership.
  • 1 year: $3,560
  • payment plan available

Student Membership


Must have current Student ID, with a course load of 3 or more courses.

  • On-line booking
  • 2-day advance booking privileges
  • 1 term / 4 months: $140

Summer Membership


July & August. Play at Green Belt & Riverdale (Indoor & outdoor)

  • All-inclusive court fees
  • 5-day advance booking privileges


  • $225 (outdoor and indoor)
  • $125 (outdoor only)

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Terms & Conditions

Club Hours (Subject to change):                      

  • Weekdays             9:00 - 10:00
  • Saturdays               9:00 - 6:00
  • Sundays                 9:00 - 5:00

Prime time:  4:00 to close Mon-Thursday and 9-1:00pm Saturday and Sunday

Membership includes playing privileges at both Green Belt (indoor) and Riverdale tennis facilities, unless otherwise specified.

Court time can be booked on-line (by members) or via phone up to 1 ½ hours per day; walk on for additional playing time. Members must register to book on-line.

Holidays: SJTA is closed on New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday, Regatta Day, Labour Day, Remembrance Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Eve. We will also have reduced hours on some other Holidays. These will be posted in the club leading up to the holiday.

Visiting Family members: can use guest passes or play 4 times each year for standard member fees. Normal court fees apply after that.

Parking passes are valid for one fall, winter or summer, or a full year. Full year memberships include a full year pass. Student and 3 month memberships includes a seasonal pass. A limited number of parking passes are also available for direct purchase. Parking passes are not issued for lessons, camps or clinics.

A membership at SJTA does not guarantee you 365 days of access to the club. We are periodically closed for holidays, snow days, special events, and maintenance. We will inform members of any closures with as much notice as possible. Please understand that some of these closures may be outside of our control. No refunds/credits will be given for that missed time.

All membership fees are due up front unless a pre-authorized debit form is completed for the remaining balance due. Membership fees will not be credited or refunded for unused time throughout membership, except in the following cases:

  • Membership extensions are offered if members cannot play for 3 months due to medical reasons.
  • Membership refunds (up to 50%) are offered for work-related transfers only.

The out of town membership is based on your Principal Residence being 100 km direct drive from the Greenbelt Tennis Club. A Member must reapply each year stating the location of their Principal Residence.  Principal residence is where you reside 6 months + 1 day each year.

* Intro and promotional memberships are available to anyone who has not had a Green Belt Tennis Club membership in the past 24 months.