Club History

The year was 1977, 10 Tennis courts were constructed in St John’s as Newfoundland hosted the Canada games that year and it proved to be a pivotal year for Tennis in the Province. These courts went on to become the Greenbelt Tennis Club, Tennis exploded into life as over the next few years interest in the game expanded and membership of the Club grew to a peak of almost 700 members.  

Greenbelt at this time was still an outdoor only Club and during the mid 1980’s with both membership growing and the standard of play the club saw the potential to develop year round facilities at the Club. 

Finally in 1987 through the efforts of the Clubs executive, the Bubble was finally erected! Initially it covered 4 courts but was later expanded to cover six. Tennis in Newfoundland had grown its wings and Greenbelt had established itself as a permanent base from which both young and old members as well as social and competitive players could develop their game. 

By providing an excellent playing facility, Greenbelt assisted top juniors to pursue Tennis Scholarships in the United States. 

Our current Junior Tennis Program works with Tennis Canada as a Tennis Development Center guiding top Junior players towards Atlantic and National performance levels As a Club, Greenbelt aims to meet the needs of all players - from our youngest, the 5 year olds, to our oldest senior members. 

At Greenbelt we see our role as giving players the opportunity to play the game of a lifetime, for a lifetime.